Video: Teenager Killing Fowls At Market Encourages Colleagues Not To Be Idle

By Adadainfo

One Chidubem Ugwuanyi, from Nsukka in Enugu State, weekend, urged Nigerian teenagers to be creative rather than idling away their time in the name of ‘there is no job’.

He said as a pupil, there must be one thing or the other one can do to get money to solve one’s small problems to avoid over-dependence on parents.

Chidubem, 16, said he was learning a trade in the North when his mother fell sick, forcing him to return to take care of care.

He said, “I want to acquire technological skills to earn a good living. I was already doing it when I had to return because my mother fell sick. She is getting better now, and I hope to return to learn the trade. When I returned home to take care of my mother, we had some financial challenges. My friend introduced me to killing fowls at the market.

“We assist butchers. We go around looking for people that buy chickens and want to kill them in the market. Each one costs N200. On a good day, we can kill twenty or more fowls. My Oga pays me daily. In the evening when he returns home, I do stay back. Any money I make in the process is my own. That is how I sustained my mother. She is not getting better.

“I hate idleness. I must find something doing to earn a living anywhere I find myself. That is how I was trained. Maybe it is because I am not from a rich family. I have always taken care of myself from childhood. I advise my colleagues not to be lazy. There are many things to do to make small money.

“I feel somehow when I see people playing from morning till night. And they complain that there is no money. Even at homes, there are palm kernels to break or farm work to do to earn small money.”

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