Gov Soludo And Politics Of Systemic De-marketing Of Peter Obi

By Joe Eziahighala
Politics appears to be a great waster. Prof Charles Soludo may be right in saying that the bililion dollar investments made by Sir Peter Obi as governor of Anambra State are not worth anything now, but should the blame go to Obi who had handed over these assets many years earlier or to his successor in office?
 Today, the economy that Prof Soludo managed so well for Nigeria as CBN governor is almost in shambles. Are we going to blame Prof Soludo for the mismanagement errors of his successor in offce? With the naira almost exchanging for N800 for the American dollar when in Soludo’s watch, it never got up to N180, are we going to say that Prof Soludo messed up his credible mandate just because he was succeeded by a bunch of economic revisionists and anti-revival exponents?
Prof Soludo needs to bury his personal pride and prejudice to support Peter Obi who has been adopted by most Nigerians for the onerous task of buying back Nigeria, unfortunately tottering at the fringe of the horrendous self-inflicted precipice. For the sake of Nigeria battered, raped, gullotined and almost completely atrophied, Prof Soludo should please swallow his pride and bury his prestine hatred for a man who shares the same spiritual chalice with him and is his next door neighbour by geographical location.
The questions that Prof Soludo needs to answer are:
1. Were such investments made or are the claims spurious?
2. Who managed the investments after the end of Sir Peter Obi’s tenure in office?
3. What could have led to such  colossal failure of scarce state revenue? Has he done some forensic investigations.
4. Why didn’t Governor Willie Obiano divest from these capital intensive pirtfolios, when their viability became contentious?
5. Why did this economic management guru, Prof Soludo, not raise this alarm much earlier, rather than waiting to  cry over spilt milk, close to the most essential election in Nigeria history?
6. Has he been able to uncover fraud that EFCC has not uncovered in their unwholsome sniffing around all these years?
7. Is there something extremely personal that could make Prof Soludo go for the jugular of Sir Peter Obi, rather than embracing the project of national recovery that God is using him to achieve for Nigeria?
Let those who know this astute intellectual and compatriot help call him to order now before history will induct him into the unsavory hall of Shame of traitors and revisionists.
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