World Cup: George Weah Criticised For Allowing His Son To Play For US

By Adadainfo

Liberian president George Weah has come under criticism for allowing his son Tim to play for the US national team in the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

His son played yesterday against Wales, scoring one goal in the process. Recall that George Weah, his father, never played in the World Cup. He is also the only African to have won FIFA’s World Best Player.

However, commentators are divided on Weah’s commitment to Liberia’s football development by allowing his son to play for the US.

A sports analyst, Victor Iwu, said, “There is nothing wrong with that. Of course, his son must have been attending school in the US, and has a right to play where he wants. Again, where is Liberia in the world football to distract such a talent?”

However, James Itodo, a sports writer, said, “Charity begins at home. George Weah should have a rethink for allowing his son to play for the US when Liberia needs him the more. Who will build Liberia’s football if all their promising stars decide to play for foreign countries?”

The man in the arena, Tim, in an interview, said he is doing what his father failed to do: “My Dad wanted to do it with his country, but he didn’t have the opportunity to do it. Now he’s kind of living through me. I think it’s a blessing.

“It’s just amazing to be able to represent my family on this stage,” Tim told Fox Sports a few days back. “I think it’s gonna mean the world to him, seeing his son on a stage and following in his footsteps is dope.

“If I had a son or a daughter and I was watching them play in a World Cup, I’d be happy, too.”

Tim would have been eligible to play for Liberia or Jamaica, where his mother hails from, as well as France. But raised in New York, he had always wanted to play for USA.

The father George was a forward, who had played for Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Chelsea, and Manchester City during an 18-year club career which also saw him win a Ballon D’or. His final appearance for Liberia was in September 2018 when he made a surprise appearance in an exhibition game against Nigeria at the age of 51, a year after he’d been elected president of Liberia.

George Weah and his wife watched their son play against Wales yesterday

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