Republic Of Biafra Gov’t House In Exile Opens In United States


By Adadainfo

History was made in the United States of America following The Republic of Biafra Government in Exile House inauguration in Oxon Hill, Maryland, Washington DC Metro Area.

Sam Iwu, Washington DC bureau chief of the Republic of Biafra Government House In Exile, Washington DC, said the event was to amalgamate conscious Biafrans all over the world into the liberation project.

According to him, “The vision of opening the Biafra House is to serve the Biafran people and bring international services to people and nations who are friends of Biafra.

“The Biafra House is officially open for business to the public, including government administrative matters, diplomatic protocol, international relations, and security, amongst others.

“The Biafra House is where Biafrans in the United States and the world can seek diplomatic and consular services, as it’s open for five business days a week and within the New York time zone.

“During the inauguration, the chair, in his opening remarks, emboldened governments, diplomats, and leaders of business organizations to take advantage of the opportunity to receive consular and diplomatic services at the Biafra House.”

He further said that the chair opined that Biafra became a settled issue ‘when, in 1966, between fifty to five hundred thousand innocent Igbo Biafrans and their Eastern neighbours were killed all over Nigeria because of envy and hate, coming from a false belief, and reinforced by Britain that a purported military coup earlier that year was led by the Igbo people’.

Quoting him, “More than two million Igbo refugees fled back home to the Eastern Region from across Nigeria. Because of this inhumane act of programme against the Igbo and the perpetrators’ inability to show remorse, Igbo and others opted out of Nigeria for a separate Independent State of Biafra – a name they were known for before being forced into Nigeria by Britain.

“It’s on record that after the genocidal war on Biafra by Nigeria, fought in 1967-1970, the principality of the problems that led to the war has never been resolved.

“Instead, there have been continuous extra-judicial killings of Biafrans with a plan to wipe Biafrans out from the world map and take over their lands, an ill-concealed adventure led by the Fulani Nigeria Government.

“The Biafra House will be interacting and providing services to local, as well as governments and the International community through partnerships, pending when the United Nations and other world bodies may compel the government of Nigeria to effect a plebiscite for Biafran people.”

The highlight of the opening ceremony was the creme de la creme of people holding political positions from different nations, business moguls, and current and retired U.S. military personnel, some of who are of Biafran stock.

Other side attractions at the opening ceremony were the traditional and cultural dances displayed by Biafrans.

The organisers say interested members of the public could reach The Republic of Biafra Government In Exile for business and information at 202-250-0001, or visit their website at:

Recall the Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka, during his latest book presentation, accused Nigeria of removing history in Nigeria’s education sector because of a deliberate effort to kill the history of Biafra.

Nigeria however announced the return of history in the nation’s education sector this week, hence addressing Soyinka’s worries.


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