Catholic Priest Warns Against Voter Apathy, PVC Transactions

By Adadainfo

Nigerians selling or disclosing information about their permanent voters’ cards are ignorant of the consequences.

Rev Fr Dr Emeka Ngwoke stated this, Wednesday, while speaking during a public enlightenment programme held in Enugu ahead of the 2023 elections.

Fr Ngwoke, head of the public elightenment desk of the Justice Development and Peace /Caritas Commission (JDPC), Nsukka Diocese, also stressed the need for Nigerians to be committed to the nation’s electoral process to enthrone good leadership.

According to him, “Your PVC is your right. When you sell your PVCs or give out the codes, you are simply saying that your interest can be ignored. It will certainly be ignored.”

He said politicians buying PVCs are scared of the powers of voting, hence they deploy all means to hijack the voting power of the electorate.

In his words, “Your most treasured possession is the right to vote. Politicians are afraid of the votes. When votes are cast against them, they are in danger. But when they are cast in their favour, they are happy.

“It means a politician will do anything to get access to votes. Any group of people that do not want to be sidelined actively must be politically active. The opportunities come once in four years to make inputs in public decisions.”

He said it is against this backdrop that the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka is embarking on town hall meetings to bring contestants to a roundtable where they will interface with the electorate.

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