High Cost Of Kerosene, Gas Pushes Enugu Residents To Charcoal


By Adadainfo

Following the soaring prices of cooking gas and kerosene, many residents of Enugu have resorted to charcoal for cooking. According to them, the situation has run out of hand.

Our correspodent gathered that a litre of kerosene sells as high as N900 and above while a 12-cylinder gas cylinder fluctuates between N10, 000 and N12, 000 in some refilling stations.

A trader, Ngozika Eze, said, “I can’t afford kerosene again. Things are just getting worse. My friend advised me to be using charcoal, and it has saved me a lot. A bag is about N4000 and it serves for over a month. I don’t know where this country is going.”

A student of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Onyinye Agha, said, “I have a charcoal stove. Gas is too expensive. I only use gas in emergencies. Using gas to cook under this condition is no feasible. I live off campus, so it is convenient for me.”

A welder, Charles Odo, said, “Many people order for charcoal stoves nowadays. The prices vary from N1000 to N3000.”

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