‘Kidnapped Igbo Female Soldier Yet To Regain Freedom’


By Adadainfo

Lt PP Johnson, a female Igbo soldier kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Imo State, is yet to regain her freedom, contrary to reports in some quarters.

Charles Awuzie, in a Facebook post, gives an insight into what transpired, and the Igbo dilemma in ‘fighting for Biafra and fighting in Biafra’.

Hear him, “The soldier’s full name is Phebe Pleasant Johnson – Lt PP Johnson. She is from Isiukwuato, Abia State, but kidnapped in her maternal village, Ihube Okigwe, Imo State.

“Her family even hid the fact that she joined the military. This is because in the South East, members of ESN and UGM declared that Igbos should no longer join the Nigerian Army. So the family didn’t even tell extended family members, but somehow her maternal aunt who owns a beer parlour in Ihube, Okigwe, got to know about it.

“Some unknown gun men allegedly drink at that Aunt’s beer parlour. The name of the aunt is Chinwendu. I believe that based on excitement that her niece is now a two-star Lt in the Army, words slipped from Chinwendu’s lips about PP Johnson’s military achievement without considering the fact that most of her clients could be members of the Unknown Gun Men.

“PP Johnson loved his maternal grandmother so much so when she came back to the East for Christmas, she went to visit her grandmother. She didn’t even visit the grandmother in her military uniform, but the unknown gun men who heard that she joined the military were waiting for her arrival.

“The same night she arrived, the unknown gunmen visited her grandmother’s house on bikes, beat up her grandmother and took PP JOHNSON away.

“Chinwendu, the beer parlour Aunt, got on another bike (Okada) and followed the unknown gunmen in an effort to rescue her niece but Chinwendu too went missing.

“So the family is not only searching for PP Johnson, they are also searching for Chinwendu who owns the beer parlour in Ihube Okigwe.

“The fake news that PP Johnson has been rescued was spread by the group which kidnapped her in order to divert attention. PP Johnson has not been rescued and just last night, I was chatting with the family about this issue.

“The Nigerian Army should invest more in intelligence. Going to Ihube, Okigwe, to burn down the city won’t produce PP JOHNSON. They need intelligence to solve the puzzle and bring the evil kidnappers to justice.

“The family is worried that she might have been killed and that’s my worry too.
The military and police should deploy more intelligence and forces to find PP Johnson and her destroyers.

“We can’t let PP Johnson to be forgotten. Those spreading the fake news of her release want her to be forgotten as soon as possible. Their intention is cover up this evil against an Igbo daughter by her Igbo brothers. But we won’t fall for their manipulation.

“PP Johnson’s cell phone was switched off on 31st December and nobody knows if she’s still alive, especially bearing in mind that her abductors threatened to behead her in the video they shared using her WhatsApp.

“Friends, I close with the words of a Revd Father: ‘there’s a difference between fighting for Biafra and Fighting IN Biafra.’. What we are witnessing is fighting/killing IN Biafra and not fighting FOR Biafra. If this doesn’t end, South East will collapse.
I want peace and progress in Igbo land.”


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