Tiv Yam Dealers Refuse Cash Transfers, Buyers Groan At Obollo-Afor


By Adadainfo

Most Tiv yam dealers at Obollo-Afor in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State reject cash transfers contrary to the federal government’s cashless policy.

A survey conducted by Adadareporters at the yam market shows that the dealers, mainly from Gboko and Oshongo in Benue State, as well as Takum in Taraba State, claim not to have individual bank account numbers, hence they must be paid cash.

Agnes Mhii said, “I buy directly from farmers at their farms. So they know nothing about cash transfers. Whatever I realise from sales here, I take the sum in my bag to the farmers. This cashless policy has destroyed our business. I now stay over a week to sell off my yams. But before, just a day, I am done.”

Jane Hembe, a yam dealer, said, “I don’t do cash transfer because I pay to withdraw the same cash. At times, it is N3000 per N10, 000. Banks are not helping matters. They give a maximum of N5000. They destroy our business.”

It was gathered that the dealers demand buyers to pay to a POS operator within the premises for them to cash out.

A buyer, Ifeanyi, said, “These dealers are dealing with us. You buy yam of N40, 000. Then they make you pay N3000 per N10000 to settle the buyer. They claim they don’t have bank accounts. Can’t the government enforce the policy across board?”

A POS dealer within the premises said he makes over N200, 000 daily. He however said lack of naira notes is affecting the business.

Quoting him, “If I have cash, I can make huge profits. But recently, we don’t get cash. We assist because buyers pay the sellers through us, and we are paid commission. I noticed that many of them carry cash back home after sales because of difficulties in cashing out.”


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