Is Reno Omokri, a loose cannon or a broken record?

Ike Abonyi

After the regime of Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, one of his aides, relocated to Europe and made himself relevant in national politics as a critical voice articulating the minds of the Nigerian people.

He did this very well by being critical of Muhammedu Buhari’s awful administration, taking the government on at every stage. This endeared him to many Nigerians, particularly social media adherents. He became a voice everyone waited for on any issue.

But along the line ahead of the 2023 general elections, Omokri started eroding his own gains by his unpopular stance on issues. He started talking from both sides of his mouth and was no longer as assertive in his points as he used to be.

Not a few began to feel that he may have even compromised his own principles. When he started attacking the phenomenal political leader of our time, Peter Obi, his fame nose dived as he now struggles to keep his hitherto vibrant and robust supporters.

The people did not have any problem with his supporting ATIKU Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, but they couldn’t fathom his needless attack on Peter Obi of the Labour Party.
It became clear that soon after he realized that his celebrity and stardom were fading due to his unpopular political stand, he became uncoordinated. But possibly realizing that he cannot get his usual attention using his new leader ATIKU, he decided to attack Obi with whatever he wants to say believing that doing so may give him the attention and relevance he desires.
Because many will ordinarily not react to Omokri for marketing ATIKU so he devises a means of attacking Obi in the process for visibility.

A lot of Omokri’s followers in the past are still in awe of how their once highly admired, articulate social media voice deteriorated to a level of incoherence in his arguments. They could not imagine their beloved Omokri delving into what he doesn’t know and reducing his intelligence.

The problem with being a jack of all trades is that you end up as a master of none. Where is Omokiri’s expertise, nobody can say. His frivolous and aimless argument against Peter OBI’S legal team has left many wondering what really is his mission.

In his latest anti-Obi paroxysm done with no discernible point, Omokri described OBI’s legal team as an embarrassment claiming that he is disappointed at the nature of the witness and evidence they are bringing to the tribunal. The assertiveness with which he said it you would think that Omokri is either a Senior Advocate or a law Professor but available is showing he is not anything near the profession. His knowledge of the law does not go beyond the elementary understanding. His view on OBI’s legal team is inconsistent with great legal minds who have been following this case.

What is indisputable however is that since Omokri is on a mission whether commissioned or not to bring down Obi, attacking anything about him could be a good way of delivering on the mission. Otherwise, even Omokiri’s argument which clearly does not connect cannot warrant the legal team of the best legal minds both in practice and qualifications to be an embarrassment. If embarrassment is awkwardness and a feeling of shame, I don’t see how what Omokri presented warrants such outrageous condemnation if ulterior motives are not embedded.

If Omokri has found his continuous attack on Obi not yielding the desired results to those he is trying to impress and feels he needs to diversify, he should also know as a fact that discerning minds are following his mischief and impishness.

My dear Reno, l will like you to note that if you are doing good for the person you support, the excess of it is mischief and not a plus for him. When one keeps sliding on the verge of truth, it says a lot about his motive.

As I conclude this advisory, I like my friend Omokri to note these wise words from Francis Bacon, “Of all virtues and dignities of the mind, goodness is the greatest.” God bless.

Ike Abonyi is a journalist based in Abuja.

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