2023 Polls: Nigerian Judiciary ‘Undergoing Trials’, Warned Against Compromise


By Adadareporters

The number of litigations in the aftermath of the 2023 general elections in Nigeria has put the nation’s judiciary under ‘serious trial’.

Hon Charles Aneke, the national president of the Eastern Union, disclosed this in an interview with Adadareporters in Abuja on Thursday.


Hon Aneke

EU is a pro-good governance pressure group seeking true federalism, equity and justice among all nations of Nigeria.

According to its national president, “The task before the Nigerian judiciary is a great one. It is a task to either stand out to dispense real justice at any cost or compromise. Their tasks are both spiritual and physical.

“Nigerian judiciary is seriously on trial now more than ever before. This is because of the madness, recklessness and abuse of the people’s will displayed by the INEC during the 2023 general elections.

“The INEC chairman bare-faced corruption in the conduct of the general elections. It has further put the country’s judiciary under intense pressure. Since its inception, the APC government has made caricatures of the judicial arm of government, hence the slogan of the APC and its INEC counterpart has always been ‘Go to Court’. This is obviously expressing their firm grip and control of the judiciary.

“This situation was re-echoed and reconfirmed by septegerian Sen Bulkachuwa in his valedictory confession at the National Assembly. The Nigerian judiciary therefore is left with just this one opportunity to re-enact the confidence of the Nigerian people by proving to the people that it’s longer business as usual.

“Nigerians are just holding their peace and waiting to see if the judiciary will live up to their SACRED mandate. It’s important at this juncture to remind the judiciary and the APC that the silence of Nigerians since the outcome of the elections should never be taken for granted or be mistaken for acceptance or surrender.

“Nigerians are just being law-abiding and must never be pushed to the wall. But if the people’s silence, patience and lawfulness are taken for granted, whatever we see we take. We cannot continue to be hypocritical by continuing to build on a faulty foundation and expecting miracles.

“Some few lawless individuals should not be allowed to continue to waste the lives and destinies of over 200 million citizens. The Nigerian judiciary should brace up and show courage to redeem the image of the country and restore hope for Nigerians, especially the Nigerian youths who are almost fed up with the belief that NOTHING good can come out Nigeria.”

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