Desecration Of Court By DSS: I Am Very Sad! ~ by Frank Tietie

Nearly four years ago, I condemned the action of the DSS in arresting Omoyele Sowore inside the Federal High Court during its proceedings. That the desecration of the courts by the same DSS has become worse and I had to again cry out on international tv makes me very sad.

What is the value of all these commentaries we even do in the media? I am getting tired, not seeing much progress. I am tempted to quit but won’t yet. Do not bother about my motivations like some foolish people who think I am only being paid.

No! I am driven by an other worldly love hence, I am quite consistent and predictable. I love human beings. I want a better life for myself and everyone around me.

I am a cool guy who loves music and life. It is oppression that makes a righteous man mad and causes him to open his mouth for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The Lord made me a lawyer by design and purpose against many odds. Ask my classmates at University of Benin. May our days be fulfilled and God bless Nigeria.

I broke my resolve and appeared on TV last night. For one more time on this matter because of the dangerous implications of the actions of the DSS against Godwin Emiefele and Nigeria.

It is on record, the many times I criticized Emiefiele on Arise News but have now chosen to support him. I have never accepted anything from any PR outreach in his support and I will not accept because my love and passion for the rights of everyone and a stable Nigeria are not for sale.

Irrespective of love or hatred for Emefiele, I am convinced that Pres. Tinubu and his minions have chosen to persecute the man instead of carrying out a proper prosecution.

That does not augur well for this country and as long as the Lord gives me breath, I will not be silent concerning him or any other person of either of any tribe or faith. And that’s why I am not afraid of those who can only kill the body.

Pres. Tinubu must call the DSS to order if he hopes to halt the degeneracy that is gripping nearly all aspects of Nigeria now.

Frank Tietie is a Nigerian lawyer and human rights advocate

Adadainfo is an online newspaper reporting Nigerian news. Email: Phone: 08071790941

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