Presidential Election: Don’t Set Nigeria On Fire, Pastor Warns Tribunal


By Adadareporters

The senior pastor of the Bible Base Miracle Assembly, Nkpor Agu, Anambra state, Rev Jerry Nwachukwu, has warned that if the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal (PEPT) wanted to save Nigeria from a revolution that will shake its foundation, it must act right by passing a judgement that will reflect the aspirations of citizens that voted during the February 25, 2023 presidential election. He added that the future of Nigeria shall be determined largely by the outcome of the tribunal judgement.

The cleric, who spoke recently during a service at the headquarters of the church, said that in the spirit realm, he saw burnfire in major cities of Nigeria, which he said, consumed “negative” political actors.

He said, “In the spirit realm, I saw burnfire in major cities of Nigeria which finally consumed negative political actors in the country. In this vision, there was no opportunity for the PEPT judges to escape the people’s judgement. The burnfire could not be quenched until it consumed the negative political actors in the country.

“PEPT and other tribunals for different states and National Assembly elections are warned that every judgement that does not reflect the people’s wishes will consume the judges that pass them. As far as Nigeria is concerned, time of passing judgement based on inducement and bribery has expired.”

Rev Nwachukwu suggested that members of the presidential election petitions tribunal should do something novel by reading their individual judgements so that Nigerians will know the “spoilers” existing in the country’s judiciary, so, when the fire comes, it will go direct to those that ignite it.

He continued, “Election malpractice was responsible for military takeover in Gabon. More are coming. But as for Nigeria, if the PEPT failed in their assignment of delivering fair judgement, revolution will hit the country – such that has never been witnessed in Africa.

“When the revolution comes, it will consume the national assembly and the national executive council. It will consume the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). It will hit state capitals, and other negative political forces.

“My prayer, as a priest, is that God give the presidential election petitions tribunal judges new heart and spirit to call a spade a spade.Very soon, 180 days will expire, and the tribunals must give their judgements. The judges must, therefore, not base their judgements on technicalities, or be influenced by any form of inducement.

“As a clergyman, my knees are on the floor, asking God that truth shall prevail; not only in the judgement of the presidential election petitions tribunal, but also at the states and national assembly elections petitions tribunals. I also call on other religious bodies to join in the prayers, so that Nigeria will be preserved. Like the flood, Nigeria’s problem has come to the neck. If not well managed, it will come to the mouth and nose, and the country will be drowned.”

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