Investor Seeks Wike’s Intervention As His Land Disappears From FCDA Survey


By Adadareporters

An investor, Mr Chido Okolo, has sought the intervention of the minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Barr Nyesome Wike, following the alleged disappearance of his plot of land in the survey plan of the Federal Capital Developmet Authority.

Okolo, a diaspora returnee, blamed land grabbers aided by FCDA staff members as the land in question has been in dispute for about 13 years. He prayed the minister to set a panel of inquiry to address land racketeering in the territory.

Okolo said his plot B06 1523c, Mabushi, initially allocated for a garden ‘has now turned from green to residential plots’, adding that the land ‘has even disappeared completely from the survey plan’.

He claimed powers within the FCT ‘connived with grabbers to disposses him of his property’. Quoting him, “I have been threatened by the actions of these characters. The police, ICPC, Public Complaint Commission, and Human Rights Radio 101.5fm have all tried to get my land off the powerful grip of these actors. The former CG of Immigration, Rose Uzoma, was the original allotee of B06 1523B, and also possess B06 1523A which she bought from Lamidi Express before she transferred her ownership to Mr Patrick Idiaghe who then coveted his property along with theirs, which is now B06 1523 B and B06 1523A.”

Okolo accused some insiders as being behind his ordeal. He said, “I represent Seaflow International Investment Limited. Those that connived to deal with me are Saminu Ismaila from ICT Department, Development Control, Zone 6; one Mr.Daniel Sanni, a director recently posted from Parks and Recreation to Urban Affairs’; one Ihuoma, formerly a surveyor in Parks and Recreation but now works at Survey and Planning, FCDA. Their money bag sponsor is one Patrick Idiaghe of 36 Ontario, maitama.

“There’s one other fellow who once introduced himself to me as Mr Buhari, and he claims to work at Urban and Regional Planning. Sanni coerces people’s gardens in favour of Mr Idiaghe in concert with all these persons mentioned. I am presently in court with Mr Patrick Idiaghe and the former controller general of Immigration over the conversion of my garden B06 1523c Mabushi to residential plots using these departments and persons.

“As at today, Mr Idiaghe, at one of my meetings to plead with him to allow peace to reign, said that Ihuoma had brought out another survey plan which the new director in Parks claims was authenticated by the former minister and in that so-called list, Seaflow International Investment Limited which I represent and that which owns B06 1523c, Mabushi, is completely missing. The director of Parks, Mr Ukpana, showed me the list which runs with a double AA,B,D,E without C. I have tackled this matter of forging documents to convert my garden B061523c Mabushi to residential, with the immediate past director of Urban and Regional Planning, and it was restored.

“But as she retired, these individuals swung into action again, culminating in this current issue of B06 1523c, Mabushi, not among the owners of the totality of the whole B06 1523 strip rather a manufactured list of double AA, B, D, E without C is now what is a minister’s list.”

He appealed to Barr Wike to use his good offices to investigate the matter believing that, “Wike is the right man to purge FCT of its land-grabbing mess. This matter has dragged for 13 years counting with some structures and retaining walls of residential plot built on Seaflow allocated B061523c. But the image of Wike tells me that he is above board. Let him set a judicial panel of inquiry to aggregate and investigate land-grabbing petitions in Abuja, and Seaflow would be there to present its case.”

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