Free Hepatitis Screening Begins In Enugu


By Adadareporters

Sepat Pharmaceuticals Ltd in collaboration with the Enugu State government, Tuesday, began free hepatitis B and C screening in Enugu. The screening holds from 19th March to 24th 2024.

Our correspondent reports that the screening, which is holding at Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, is aimed at eliminating the diseases and controlling their spread in the state and country at large.

The state health commissioner, Prof Ikechukwu Obi, said it was not only for the early detection of the diseases but would also serve as a means of data collection and help in the fight against the viral diseases in the state.

Quoting him, “What we are here to address is a disease that can go to your liver which is the engine of every human, and start destroying it silently. The spectrum of medical and healthcare involves health promotion, health prevention, and treatment.

“We will put hepatitis B and C at the front burner, and see how this silent killer can be put in abeyance in our state. The governor approved that it would be nice to have a situation where beyond carrying out free testing, it would be possible for the Ministry of Health to get very useful data which is even lacking at the national level.

“We are going to collect hard data which will help in making hard and necessary decisions that will save lives. Our partners have said they will also subsidize certain aspects of the treatment for hepatitis C patients that would be discovered within the period of the free screening.”

The chairman of Sepat Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Dr Pat Oramah, lamented the rising scourge of hepatitis B and C in Nigerians. He said investing and encouraging promotional awareness for free screening was not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do to save lives because hepatitis is a silent killer.

He said, “We are partnering with an Egyptian company called Faco Pharmaceuticals because Egypt has the highest number of hepatitis C in the world, but with Faco, our partners, within two years, Egypt is today hepatitis C free. And this is what we came to replicate here in Enugu.

“The state governor is a developmental leader and he places a high premium on health which is why he gave us this platform to come to Enugu and conduct this free screening. We won’t stop there. Those who are found positive for hepatitis C will receive subsidised treatment.”

The chief medical director of ESUTH, Prof Bertrand Ngwu, thanked the governor for providing the platform, and pledged the dedication of the medical institution in ensuring that the initiative was successful.

In his words, “Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E all affect the liver. The worst of them is the one that causes chronic inflammation, which are B and C. Hepatitis B and C cause liver cirrhosis, which mostly ends in liver cancer, and no man who has liver cancer often survives.

“We must applaud the governor for this initiative. This is a clarion call from the ESUTH management and staff for everyone to be part of this vanguard to help the government and Sepat Pharmaceuticals Ltd to ensure that the people of Enugu State benefit maximally from this great initiative.”

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