Isiobi Ndigbo Holds Ist Ofala Festival In London On 31st August

By Chinwe Okpala

The scheduled first Ofala Festival being organised by Isiobi Ndigbo in London this year will create the platform for the Igbo renaissance, Eze Isiobi Ndigbo I (UK & Ireland), Eze Okwuchukwu Nwosu, told newsmen during an interview on Tuesday.

The diasporan Igbo leader said the event would attract Ndigbo and all lovers of Ndigbo from all the continents of the world, including the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific ocean boundaries. According to him, the goal is to preserve and market the rich Igbo cultural heritage “which is being eroded by neo-colonial influences leading to gradual loss of our value system”, adding that the event would be the first of its kind by any Igbo group in the diaspora.

He said, “The Ofala Festival, which marks my two years’ leadership, will showcase Igbo cultural displays, Igbo delicacies, and interfacing of Ndigbo across all continents. Many foreigners reading about Ndigbo only from the perspectives of Igbo ingenuities during the Biafran War will have first-hand contacts with us during the festival. Biafran War is just a metaphor of what Ndigbo are in terms innovations and steadfastness. We are found all over the world, and our major characteristics are resilience, innovations and egalitarianism. It is these innate abilities that this Ofala Festival intends to re-enact, nourish and market to the world. The event will be annually, and rotated across Igbo settlements across the world. We are simply blazing the trail in Britain.”

Eze Isiobi said the occasion would also feature recognition of Igbo icons, exceptional enterprises, performing government officials, as well as conferment of chieftaincy titles on deserving Igbo sons and daughters. He added that it would also be the forerunner towards birthing of trust funds to propel economic development of Ndigbo both in Nigeria and the diaspora.

“Above all,” he said, “We have many Igbo sons and daughters that have excelled in their various endeavours, such as science and technology, sports, nollywood, agriculture, the academia and businesses. Some of them identify their Igbo roots, although they are natives of Western countries and also some African countries. The fact remains that the headquarters of the Igbo race is South East, Nigeria. Our event in London aims at promoting cultural diversity and inclusiveness.”

It was gathered that Isiobi Ndigbo, UK and Ireland, is a movement dedicated to promoting and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Ndigbo, ensuring that that Igbo traditions and values are preserved and shared with a broader audience. Its primary objective, reporters learnt, is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Igbo culture, bridging gaps and building stronger communities through cultural exchange and celebration.

Our correspondent reports that the event will hold on 31st August, 2024 at Broadwater Farm Community Centre, Adams Road, Tottenham, UK.

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