Enugu Households Resort To Firewoods As Prices Of Gas Skyrocket

By Adadareporters

The rising cost of gas in the country has forced many Enugu households to seek alternative means of cooking food.

A survey carried out in Enugu metropolis shows that prices of gas are skyrocketing.

The manager of Decanal Filling Station, opposite Ifesinachi Park in Enugu, told Adadareporters that, “We have never had it like this. It keeps on rising and nobody is talking.

“Nigerians are the most enduring people in the world. The quantity that is refined locally is small. Most of the products are imported, and the fall of naira values in the international market has made the prices of most of imported products high.

“People are striving for another alternative. A price of gas now is N800; kerosene N800 also. How many litres will you buy that will serve for some days at home?

“Because the demand is too low, we are not dealing on it for now. You can see that it is only fuel that we are dispensing here.”

At the Kantor Filling Station, Garriki, the products were in quantum there, but people are no longer rushing it like before.

An attendant said, “It’s what we bought that we sell. There was a time we sold N300, N500, N700 or N750 per litre. Today it is sold for N800, both gas and kerosene.”

Chidigo Nwolie, an Enugu resident, said, “We have resorted to firewood. It is cheaper. How much will you make after using gas and kerosene to cook food?

“The price is too much. There are many people that sell firewood at Aguwani where we live. We buy from them.”

A woman who sells food at the front of Peace Park, popularly called Nwanyi Udi, said she doesn’t use gas and kerosene.

She said, “We use firewood and charcoal. One bag of charcoal is N3000. I know the number of days it serves me.

“Recently, some women from Orba Nsukka introduced chaffs sourced from melons. They burn like fuel. I do buy them from them.”

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