Which Way Nigeria?

By Don Domnic

Our country Nigeria is indeed great. The mention of the name Nigeria evokes feeling of greatness; the landmass, her peoples, her natural endowments- mineral resources, agricultural resources – the number and type of crops, livestock that she is heir to. How about the peoples and their capacities, that is, what they can produce, be it goods and services? No matter how you analyze our potentials as a nation, we are great.

Now consider the crops and livestock that have made many countries great, whether Africa, Europe, America or Asia, they are all here, but wait a minute, where are we as a country?

Let’s look at a few things. A friend told us in a conversation two days ago of his experience in Malaysia a few years ago. They were shopping in a building having 88 floors with apartments, markets, hotels. The building is served with power from a combination of sources – solar, biogas, etc. Now water runs in the 88 floors, that is the last floor. Imagine the quantity of water needed daily.

By the way, the occupants in terms of population are like a community, that is, many villages in our own setting put together.

Since the building was constructed over two decades ago, it has been served by a furnace that utilizes wastes no matter the type. Note that Malaysia has about four hours of sunlight.

Okay consider Dubai. What do they have that we don’t have? Nothing, except haze, dust storms and sand storms. Can you see where they are today.

Our leaders visit them and yet ….

Now, great country men and women, what is wrong with those that have the opportunity of leading us at local, state and federal government levels?

Make no mistakes. We are neither cursed nor under any spell. We are just what we are – inept and lacking visions. Period.

As an example, just recently, the nomination or expression of interest forms cost N100m and N40m for APC and PDP respectively.

Now, those that purchased the forms are not business owners like brother Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola or Obi Cubana. They are mostly ministers, governors, senators etc. Tell me what goes on their mind to spend such amount of money on a document that can be free or whose cost is less than one thousand naira. So what is wrong with us?

Our brothers that bought these forms do they not have friends, children, wives and associates that can say ‘ah dad this is too much’? It is unfair in good conscience and common sense.

A British writer however says that common sense is the sense that is not common.

On what is wrong with us, Prof Chinua Achebe did tell us some thirty-nine years in his book “The trouble with Nigeria”.

Those that have not read it should please do.

In my view, we are simply our own problem. Meanwhile our children have been at home for how many months, almost half a year and still counting. Where are our statesmen, clergy and all to rise up in unison to say no, this is unfair?

No matter how you look at it is shameful.

So dear compatriots, this is where we are – Nigerians. Yes where every thing is in reverse gear or what my friend calls reverse psychology.

Good day folks, but it can be better, much much better; don’t you think so!

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