Sell Yourselves As Products, Not Boasting About Structures – Entrepreneur Tells Politicians

By Adadainfo

An industrialist, Mr Walter Ugwueze, Wednesday, advised politicians ahead of the 2023 general elections to market what they can offer to electorate, and eschew boasting about their already-existing political structures.

Mr Ugwueze therefore called on politicians to borrow a leaf from Labour Party’s presidential standard-bearer Mr Peter Obi.

He wrote on his Facebook page, “I have learnt a lot from Peter Obi and his campaign strategy. As politicians, we should be desirous of selling ourselves as products to the masses for purchase, and not boasting about how powerfully structured and influential we are.

“However gullible we might be as Africans and Nigerians, spare us the fact that our common wealth needs to be used to solve our general problems, and not the other way around.

“Peter Obi campaigns objectively, not delving into issues not are not relevant as used by our previous politicians, like tribe, religion, ethnicity etc. As Nigerians and Africans, I dream about a country that I can proudly travel out and tell people that it is not done this way in my country; that in my country, people are exceptionally different.”

Ugwueze expressed sadness that Nigerian youths still clap for the same politicians that have rendered them useless.

According to him, “I feel sad knowing I can’t reach out to people to change their perception of embracing the age-long ‘Poverty Investment Project’ of our old politicians to make people remain poor mentally and economically, so that whenever they give out stipends, people hail and follow them.

“It pains me to the marrow that some gullible Nigerian youths in universities are still campaigning for APC after being on strike for roughly one year. I am pained to see that at my age and level, despite my education, skills and exposure, that my country does not have plans for me, neither my children nor grand yet unborn.”

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