Ugwuomu Nike, Where Ebonyi Farmers Are Only Allowed To Build Mud Houses

By Uchenna Odo

Ugwuomu Nike is a community in Enugu East local government area of Enugu state. It is a community with fertile land that attracts many people within Enugu and beyond for agricultural activities.

Because of the fertility of the land, and the serene environment, many farmers inhabit there for farming activities.

Adadainfo was at the community where the people of Eza in Ebonyi state live in large numbers. It is called ‘Eza Nkwubor’, situated along the road that leads to the popular Catholic Adoration Ministry “Upper Room” and opposite the ongoing construction of the Goodluck Jonathan Central Market in the town.

A resident, Philomena Egbo, said the place had contributed a lot towards the economic development of the area.

According to her, “Ugwomu Nike land is good for agriculture, and the inhabitants are peaceful people.

“If you are capable of farming, they rent land to you.We rent plot by plot. A plot can be N10,000 or more a year, depending on how you negotiated with the owner.

“We plant corn, cassava, cucumber, yam and other agricultural products.

“We feed a lot of people here. People from Emene, Abakpa, and the environs come to buy our garri and other valuable foods we harvest here.”

A native of the community and land owner, Mr Samuel Nnaji, said they maintain good relationship with the non-native farmers.

He said, “We don’t allow them to build any house that is not mud. We call it ‘farm settle area’.The reason is that if you misbehave or we want to
collect the land from you, it will not be hard.

“We rent on yearly bases with surety and provision of profiles. If you commit any crime, we can trace you. But nevertheless it has be good living with them.”

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