‘Join Us To Secure Nigeria’, Obidientist Wooes Jittery Fani-Kayode

By Adadainfo

Former aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode was Monday wooed to join the Obi movement in the Labour Party ‘to secure Nigeria’ for the future.

Oge Nsimah, a faithful of Peter Obi, responding to a lamentation post by Mr Kayode on the rising fame of Mr Obi, told Kayode: “If you mean well for this country, kindly  join us let’s work together to secure Nigeria, and make it better for Aragon and his siblings ..you be hero for doing that. It’s better than joining the basic.”

Kayode had in a post advised both APC and PDP ‘not underrate Obidients’.

Kayode, an APC chieftain, had posted: “Obidients may not have structures but they have ideas and vision which will outlive political platforms and structures.

“I see (Obidients) them in the North, West, East and South. I see them everywhere and not only on social media.”

Nsimah, in a reply entitled ‘#TheUncomfortableTruth’, wrote: “Dear Femi Fani-Kayode, thanks for recognizing the doggedness of the ObiDatti movement.

“However, nothing can entice us at this very moment more than taking our country back from the old people in politics who have seen the seat of power as their inheritance.”

William Okafor, in a similar vein, told Kayode that Peter Obi is ‘a man whose time has come’.

According to him, “A vote for Peter Obi-Datti Baba is a vote devoid of tribal/religious sentiments. 

“Both candidates in Labour Party are cosmopolitan in nature. A new Nigeria is emerging come 2023. I plead with anyone that loves the unity of this country to rally support for this dignified presidential candidate of Labour Party.

“There’s Dignity in Labour. It’s time to rescue this Nation. #Labour Party come.” 

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