‘Excruciating Death’: Uju Anya Battles Broadcaster Piers Morgan

By Adadainfo

The ‘excruciating death’ wish by Prof Uju Anya to the late Queen Elizabeth II has pitched her against star broadcaster Piers Morgan.

Uju had wished the Queen a painful death because of roles played by the UK during the Biafran War by siding Nigeria, leading to many deaths of her Igbo race. Uju’s Twitter account was later suspended, but shortly reinstated.

Piers had called Uju ‘vile, disgusting moron’.

Uju replied that Piers wants to revive his ‘excruciating’ career by ‘inviting’ altercations from her to enjoy public views.

According to her, “Piers Morgan calling me ‘vile, disgusting moron’ while his producer calling me for interview. Tufiakwa.”

In response to her tweet, Morgan replied: “I definitely want to interview you. I’d like you to try repeating to my face that you hoped the Queen died in ‘excruciating pain.’ But I suspect like most vile ‘woke’ trolls, you won’t have the guts.”

Anya fired back: “No, Piers, you want to interview me, because your career died in excruciating pain, and you need the ratings. But I won’t let you chase clout off me. Like I said, I no dey put food for my enemy mouth.”

Morgan is an English broadcaster, journalist, writer, and television personality.

Prof Anya teaches at the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University. She teaches and conducts research in critical applied linguistics, critical sociolinguistics, new language learning, and critical race and discourse studies. She is an award winning author.

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