Wife Accuses Hubby Of Adopting ‘Obedient Feeding Pattern’

By Adadainfo

A woman at Amawbia in Awka, Anambra State, Friday, accused her husband of ‘deliberately being stingy’ in providing for the family’s upkeep in the name of abiding by Mr Peter Obi’s prudence philosophy.

Mr Peter Obi is the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, and seen as a symbol of prudence in human and material management.

The lady was seen talking to her husband in a raised voice on phone.

She said, “This is not how I know you. Since you and this Obidient Movement, feeding your family has become with difficulties. Feeding should not be part of Obidient because malnutrition also makes one vulnerable to diseases, then you will spend your so-called Obedient savings in hospital’.

The lady furiously entered a Keke going to Amawba after her verbal outburst, leaving obervers laughing.

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