Hisbah Arrests Man, Woman Having ‘Public Sex’ At Motor Park

By Mustapha Mustapha

Officials of the Zamfara State Hisbah Commission and Shariah Board have arrested a middle-aged man and woman publicly ‘making love’ inside a commercial motor park in Gusau, the state capital.

PRNigeria gathered that the two ‘actors’ committed their bizarre sexual affairs on an open field inside the motor park, caring less about people watching them.

But motorists, traders and park officials who were confounded by the daring ‘lovemaking’ scene, quickly alerted officials of Hisbah, who wasted no time in storming the park and whisking the culprits away.

An official of Hisbah (Sharia Police), who pleaded anonymity, told PRNigeria that the two ‘love-makers’ disregarded the attention of the public, and went on with their amorous affair, till some Hisbah Commanders stormed the park.

“The man and woman who publicly had sex in the garage had first bragged between themselves about who is more ‘morally-corrupt’.

“They both claimed to be more ‘naughty’ than each other. And in the process, they both dared each other to undress and have sex in the glare of the general public,” he said.

Meanwhile, PRNigeria gathered that officials of the Zamfara Hisbah Commission have arraigned the two ‘depraved lovers’ before the City Higher Shariah Court in Kankuri, Gusau.

“Hisbah board has already arraigned the two public sex offenders in court and we expect that Sharia law will be applied to the case, either for fornication or adultery because their acts contravene Islamic laws and the cultural traditions of the people of the State,” she source added.

PRNigeria reports that in Islamic law, there is a difference between adultery and fornication with different sentences. Adultery is when at least one of the parties involved in sexual intercourse is married, while fornication involved sexual relationship between two people who are unmarried.

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