On Wednesday, while at a strategic meeting of the state Campaign Council, another petition written and signed by some Imo PDP LGA chairmen was read.

The petitioners addressed their letter to the state chairman as a response to an earlier invitation for a meeting on the review of the recently concluded general elections which they declined to attend.
Again, the petition was copied to the National Working Committee, our own very dear national secretary, and one other I can’t remember now. They also made a light reference to the EFCC.

The allegations, this time around in their petition, include that they were not carried along throughout the meetings of the Campaign Council variously held at the hall of the chairman of the PCC, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. They also claimed that they were not part of the fund disbursements for the elections, and other unfounded claims and insults, as usual, against the SWC.

It was after the petition was read to the house last night that I suddenly realized the meaning of the statement I read on one of the PDP platforms recently, by an unknown writer, and it goes thus:

“You’re an LGA party chairman. You appointed your LGA Campaign Council chairman by yourself. After the election, you turned around to write a useless threat letter to the SWC that your Campaign Council/the party did not carry you along. My dear, you’re a trouble maker. You’re an error of a chairman, empty and shameless as well.”

Sincerely, the snail goes boiling and fuming with water when it’s on fire without knowing that the water is being used to cook it for eating.

I’m terribly worried about the face and image our very dear national secretary, the Distinguished Sen. Samuel Anyanwu, is being painted by his own state’s LGA chairmen, each time he appears in a meeting of the NWC and his state is being discussed.

I’m also worried, and ashamed as well, that LGA chairmen of the state of the national secretary of our party would, at a time the national party, led by Sen. Iyochia Ayu, is still very busy collating results to file our presidential case at the tribunal, be presenting to Ayu and the NWC a cock-and-bull story of how they were not part of disbursements of election funds released to them with their signatories and video evidences available.

I have actually been feeling for our very dear national secretary. It’s obvious that other members of the NWC from worse troubled states would have been laughing and discussing behind him, of his weakness and inability to manage his LGA party chairmen.

It’s obvious that other NWC members may have been feeling behind him that he is not suitable for a sensitive position as that of a national secretary of a party like the PDP.

It’s obvious that other members of the NWC may have been raising noses behind our very fine national secretary, that he is not a serious person.

Please don’t get me wrong, but I’m actually feeling sympathetic to our national secretary, the consistent embarrassments his home state’s LGA chairmen are causing him at the NWC without his being able to call them to order. The worst of all insults they give him is that they always tag (copy) him to these frivolous petitions, and even expect him to serve as a courier agent to the NWC!

These chairmen claimed in their petition that they were not invited to meetings held at the residence of the PCC chairman before the elections. And a certain chairman from Ohaji-Egbema co-signed this letter, yet a major contribution leading to strategies on the disbursement of the election funds was actually made by this same chairman on the floor of one of the meetings. There are film and attendance evidences. This same chairman was equally responsible for the local disbursements of his LGA funds where $1000 allegedly disappeared in his hands. Haba naaa!
How much are we worth over our children for ignoring Ófó na Ogu?

These chairmen claimed that they were not being carried along in meetings of the Campaign Council, yet they were the ones who nominated and presented chairmen and members of their various LGAs Campaign Councils.

How come a party LGA chairman could not develop a working control over a Campaign Council LGA chairperson he personally appointed and endorsed?

These chairmen also claimed they were not part of disbursements of election funds, but the SWC secretariat has all their signatures and film evidences of their presence and collection of monies meant for their LGAs. All of them came in persons with the prescribed groups to collect their funds.

I personally saw about ten out of the fourteen chairmen that signed the petition at the residence of the PCC chairman with their people collecting their funds. Although some of them have as usual denied signing or any knowledge of this recent petition, but we at the SWC suspected (as usual) that a day like this would come because those after us have only one paid agendum and charge – “destroy and frustrate the Imo PDP so that a particular leader would not continue to shine”.

I want to specially appreciate the chairman of the PCC, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, for showing leadership while it lasted. I commend the deputy-director of finance, Chief Achigbu (AKASIA), for the accurate account he tendered at the meeting. Also the secretary of the PDP Imo State, Nze Rey Emeana, for obtaining signatures and videos of the chairmen as they collected monies and disbursements for their LGAs, including videos of leaders who earlier besieged Ihedioha in his private room on how they can split the election funds between them, but he disagreed, insisting on being transparent.

How on earth some people are being brainwashed into believing that if they weaken and destroy the party in their quest to counter an imaginary threat, that they would be considered for positions in the same destroyed party is what I don’t understand!

Are they even considering the rampaging threat of the emerging LP which has now taken our position as the major opposition party in Imo?

Unfortunately, what is being destroyed is our own very and only base: our home. All shall soon become applicants for accommodation in other political parties. And the bigwigs will move on, and be received on red carpets, while many (including these petition experts) may retire to their various wards struggling for delegates’ positions.

While we await our formal invitations (not only SWC, all of us) at the EFCC, permit me to make just a single appeal to our chairmen: please consider the image you are painting our national secretary at the NWC and stop the ridiculing of his office before his colleagues.

Imo PDP LGA party chairmen should realize that they are not doing him any good by consistently dragging his state before others. Chairmen should mind their places and allow leaders to fight their battles or talk their talks.

Please for the sake of our national secretary who is our brother and leader, I appeal that you stop exposing the rashes on his ‘bombom’ because every other member of the NWC has got some rashes, but manages them.

Note, if the PDP Imo falls, everyone falls. Those using you to destroy your homes already have mansions scattered all over. Explore ways to guard your territory because we have all just become endangered species. There are no spaces for you in other political parties.

GOC NWADIKE is the state youth leader, PDP Imo State

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