Lagos: EU Mobilises Votes For Labour Party

By Adadainfo

The Eastern Union (a civil society pressure group) has agreed to mobilize easterners in Lagos State to vote for the Labour Party candidates ahead of the March 18 gubernatorial and state Assembly elections.

Hon Charles Anike, EU’s national president, stated this in a chat with newsmen in Lagos. Anike said, “The Eastern Union has not only endorsed Labour Party candidates for the March 18 in Lagos guber and state Assembly elections, we are already going extra miles to mobilize easterners and youths resident in Rivers State to ensure landslide victories for LP candidates in the elections.

“We are committed to the politics of justice, fairness and equity to all Nigerians. Political power of the state has been hijacked from the aborigines by the non-indigenes. This has resulted in all kinds of fraudulent activities and misplaced development.

“The EU is also working very hard across the country to ensure that the old order is dethroned and disarmed. The politics of godfatherism is no long acceptable, as that has been the bane and actually the real cog on the wheels of our political development.

“Unfortunately Lagos happened to be No.1 victim of the plague of godfatherism. It must never be business as usual, therefore Lagosians, like their counterparts across the country, must take the advantage of the new political revolution to liberate themselves from political godfatherism, rascality and tyranny.

“There is always a pay-back time and everything that has beginning must always have an end. The incumbent governor of Lagos State has been known to be oppressive. We urge all the EU members across the country and in Rivers State in particular to adhere to this clarion to vote and mobilize others to vote massively for LP candidates.”

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