Tiv Farmer Kills Lion With Bare Hands


By Adadareporters

A Tiv farmer, identified as Mr Iorver Udele, last week, killed a lion that attacked him on his farm using bare hands.

Mr Udele

Mr Udele, described as ‘the modern Samson’ in a post by his relative, named Uncle Sam, weekend, hails from Ajio, Shangev ya, Kwande LGA of Benue State.

According to the post, “Mr Iorver was working on his cassava at mount Ngokur where he was attacked by a roaring lion.

“In a self-defense bid, Iorver launched a counter-attack, in what can be best described as a fierce battle, lasting about ten minutes, before Iorver defeated the wild beast.

“Achieving the feat was not easy as though he accomplished his mission but he was rushed to General Hospital, Adikpo! According doctors, Mr Iorver is said to be in a stable condition.”

The accompanying pictures of the encounter showed the deceased lion as well as the wounds inflicted on Mr Udele by the lion during the battle.

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