Ndigbo not at war with anyone ~ by Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko


By Adadareporters

The false narrative dutifully spewed and spread all over the place, that Ndigbo are at war with certain sections, communities, regions, individuals, institutions or political leaders, is patently false.

This web of lies cleverly woven and driven by certain fellows just to achieve a certain selfish end has been sadly powered by ignorance and vicious manipulation of hapless unemployed youths deployed as propaganda warriors in the unregulated social media.

These young people viciously used as cannon fodder in this unholy experiment are merely dissatisfied with the system and thereby willingly make themselves available as willing tools in what they think is rightful agitation for good governance and a better country.

They regrettably do not know where and when demanding genuine dividends of democracy stops and the exploitative manipulation to serve personal interest of desperate politicians begins.

These innocent young people have been ruthlessly used by unscrupulous politicians to create a wedge between Ndigbo and other Nigerians, deepen ethnic and religious divide, and inspire a needless culture of hate, intolerance, dichotomy and seeds of prejudice that will only destroy their future.

I know because I, in all humility, dedicated decades of my life in mobilising and working with Igbo youth. They have no hatred towards anyone or any group. They are not at war with anyone.

This unhealthy, unhelpful and deceptive strategy of driving a divisive narrative of ”our candidate is divinely ordained” and the ”only acceptable candidate” and ”the other candidates are unfit and horrific”, etc., deployed during the elections over six months ago, surprisingly is still being fanned alive and slowly becoming the new normal and the acceptable culture. Sad.

The vitriolic, vituperations and caustic language employed in describing hated candidates from other regions is so frightening that the degree of hate expressed without any restraint and moderation is capable of teaching our children wrong values that will certainly work against us in future.

We are unwittingly suggesting that we are bad losers. We may be unknowingly presenting ourselves as desperate power mongers. Attacking, abusing and insulting people with different political opinions will get others ganging up against them during future elections.

Sedating social media with hateful content mocking other candidates six months after elections is wrong and could be sending wrong signals to others. It’s time to retrace our steps.

Moreover, it isn’t true that accessing the seat of power is much more important than seeking consensual restructuring of Nigeria. Restructuring Nigeria remains the most important and needful project that will better our country and better our lives.

Giving the impression that we are at war with certain sections or leaders, as we are unknowingly doing presently, only horrifies compatriots and paints us in a very bad light.

They think we are sore losers, who are desperate for power, whereas nothing could be farther from the truth.
Our people only desire and crave for a functional Nigeria where merit and egalitarianism thrive. Where all are equal, where no man is oppressed.

We do not claim that we alone have the knowledge and wisdom to rebuild Nigeria. We never said we won’t accept any election results or tribunal judgement that doesn’t favour our preferred candidate. We did not say that Lagos is no man’s land. We never claimed we would take over or dominate other people’s land. We did not at any time claim to decide the political fate of other people’s land. We are not at war with anyone.

The post-election hangover presenting us as disrespectful, rude, abusive and desperate horde of aggressive tribe of pugnacious race with a hidden agenda, is a wrong image of Ndigbo. We are not at war with anyone. We plead with Ndigbo to respect other Nigerians opinion and sensibilities.

We should rather redirect our energy instead to the shameful morass enveloping our region, where our children are being taught that ill-educated witch doctors are the greatest, wealthiest and most influential heroes of all time.

Where these fellows now swagger all over our region as the new role models.
Where charms and rituals are advertised as the way to go. Where young sorcerers and wizards have become the only celebrities.

Turning our values upside down. Setting the stage for a troubling future.
We should search our soul and worry about the diseases afflicting our region, instead of hating on others on account of an unfavourable poll result.

Ndigbo are not at war with anyone. We need to recriminate ourselves and avoid digging our political grave.

Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko
Founder: Igbo Youth Movement IYM
Secretary: Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA)
Deputy Secretary: Igbo Leaders of Thought ILT


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