Presidential Election Verdict Used To ‘Validate INEC’s Coup De tat’ – EU


By Adadareporters

The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal verdict was to validate INEC’s coup de tat against will of the Nigerian masses.

Eastern Union, in a release signed by its national president, Hon Charles Anike, said, “The outcome of the long awaited PEPT judgment was not different from what Nigerians have long predicted and expected. We knew that our judiciary has been the biggest mess and shame, where the judges have puppets and tools in the hands of political bandits in the executive to legitimize evil and corruption.

“The biggest shame is how our justices have suddenly lost courage and boldness which their sacred position demands.That the judges were not ashamed to deliver those judgments should worry every reasonable citizen.
The shamelessness for which they delivered the judgment signals the end of the road for our judiciary. The once respected and noble profession has become sources and references for comedians.

“Since after the PEPT judgment, many lawyers have been seen publicly denouncing the profession. A lawyer was seen in a well circulated video burning his law wig. Nigeria and Nigerians have become a laughing stock all over the world.

“It would have been more honourable for the judges to resign than to be coaxed to deliver such fraudulent judgment that will remain a reference. Why would the judges not even think of the sacredness of their position as a justices? Why would they not consider the sacrifices the citizens went through trying to get their permanent voter’s card (PVC) and also pains they went through during the elections. Why would the judges allow one’s selfish and inordinate ambition to endanger our unity and destroy our hard earned democracy?

“We still will not completely give up hope on the judiciary. We still believe that no matter how long and how far our judiciary has gone into errors and in taken the wrong route, there is still an opportunity left for them to right the wrong, through the Supreme Court. Our judicial system and the operators are seriously on trial.

“The whole world is watching them for posterity- ALL EYES STILL ON THE JUDICIARY. They must bare in their minds that whatever they carelessly or cowardly allow and permit today will remain a reference for this generation and future generations.

“The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal judges have carelessly, unconsciously and compromisingly validated some lawlessness, illegalities and criminality into our society. And you can notice that there’s no celebration anywhere. Even the said winner is not able to celebrate, what a tragedy!”

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