Enugu Guber: Frank Nweke Jr’s Scorecard Versus Other Contenders


By Ugochukwu Mbah

Over the past years, we have seen politicians mount platforms of various heights and shapes to say what they would do if elected to public office. “I will do this, I will do that,” but some of them are mere political merchants with no track record of selfless services to the people to back their words. Instead of a record of accomplishments, all they have are denials and rebuttals for the long strings of indictments and accusations of theft of public funds against them.

We, Ndi Enugu, are now wide awake. We know these crooked politicians scheming to capture the governorship seat for profit and have separated them from the one true visionary leader of merit, Frank Nweke Jr. The professor’s record of accomplishment as the director general (DG), Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), and as minister with various portfolios bear testimonies that there ought not be a contest for Enugu governorship as he fits the bill perfectly. A portion of Nweke’s record is as follows:

As DG NESG (February 2009 to 2014)
– Nweke provided management direction and leadership to the NESG. Developed and executed policies and programs to achieve NESG’s goals of research and advocacy, and encouraged the adoption of policies conducive to good governance in Nigeria.

– Nweke initiated the development of a framework for the establishment of the NESG Endowment Fund to provide a sustainable funding mechanism for the NESG. The fund is now valued at more than 500 million naira.

– Nweke conceptualized and successfully introduced the publication of the annual scorecard of national economic progress as well as the annual scorecard for the economic progress for the states of Nigeria.

As minister of information and communication (January 2007 to May 2007)
– Nweke successfully established the international operations of the government owned station- the Nigeria Television Authority.
– Nweke implemented a reform program for all government-owned media to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
– Nweke successfully improved access to information and communication facilities in rural and underserved areas of Nigeria and supervised the implementation of a countrywide internet access program through the establishment of community communication centers.

As minster of information and National Orientation (July 2005 to January 2007)

– Nweke, as chief government spokesperson, supervised the development and management of the information and communication policies of the federal government.
– Nweke implemented a program to increase access to information through the establishment of radio stations in the 36 states of Nigeria.
– Nweke managed and spearheaded the rebranding Nigeria project. Implemented the Heart of Africa project to promote Nigeria’s international image.
– Nweke initiated the development of the regulatory framework for the Nigerian film industry, expanded the infrastructure for the Nigerian Film Corporation and worked for the creation of the Nigerian Film Development Fund and the establishment of a Nigerian Film Village.

As minister of inter-governmental affairs, youth development and special duties(June 2003 to July 2005)
– Nweke coordinated the development of the framework for inter-governmental affairs with the assistance of the World Bank.
– Nweke chaired the National Honors Awards Committee, the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy, the National Prison Reform Working Group and the National Committee on Ecological Problems.
– Nweke completely overhauled the administration of the Ecological Funds which addressed environmental sustainability issues in Nigeria through the establishment of a transparent process for the identification, selection and monitoring of environmental projects all over Nigeria.

In the spirit of democracy, I urge the other candidates (and their supporters) to present a record of their accomplishment in service to the people to justify seeking to lead. Decorum demands that such a list must not include, for instance, an enterprise of taking the people’s money here at home and investing it in one’s own private businesses outside Enugu State, Igbo land, and indeed outside the old Eastern region. Such exercise is against the pan Igbo ideal of aku ruo unò – investing at home to grow our economy and provide jobs for our teeming youths. Anyone seeking to lead us but is investing outside the region is clearly not for us and the people are obligated to reject such a person.

If these governorship candidates have no record of accomplishments to show, because it does not exist as they have not served the people (they have only served their pockets), they should honorably withdraw from the race.

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